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5.5.8 (2020.07.01)

-Fixed not keeping the screen on when dim

5.5.7 (2020.06.30)

-Fixed keeping screen on while on lock screen for Samsung Android 10 devices
-Added Chinese translation (Thanks Yan!)
-Show apps without launch intents (without launcher icons) and without blank icon in app lists even if not a system app. Needed for add-on packs like Captcha Pack for Sleep as Android
-Keep app icons blank for uninstalled apps when scrolling

5.5.6 (2020.03.08)

-Fixed keep on while in-call for Samsung Android 10 devices
-Updated Russian translation

5.5.5 (2020.03.02)

-Improved solution for Samsung Android 10 devices to prevent quick dimming when keeping the screen on indefinitely
-Disabled lock screen functions for Samsung Android 10 devices (does not work)
-Simplified in-app menu by removing “more” separator
-Removed device admin (didn’t actually work to keep app alive)
-Change system timeout to be really long for long standing bright wakelocks on Samsung devices to prevent the dimming after touching, at least in that scenario

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