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6.1.2 (2023.11.07)

-Fixed notification not disappearing when one of the notification categories was disabled
-Fixed no notification sound when toggling manual toggle

6.1.1 (2023.10.30)

-Fixed unresponsive UI after denying notification permission on Android 13+

6.1.0 (2023.10.29)

-Fixed proximity not turning screen off when turning screen off and back on with proximity covered the whole time
-Decreased motion sensitivity, please recalibrate motion [from  *3/2 to *4]
-Turn off manual toggle while on lock screen unless apply rules on lock screen is selected or manual toggle is turned on while on lock screen
-Also check accessibility service is actually running when checking permission
-Reset screen timeout extension with screen on instead of screen unlocked
-Fixed start/stop/toggle intents not working for Tasker [Set the ToggleServiceReceiver intent filter to exported in manifest]
-Ask for READ_PHONE_STATE permission on Android 12+
-Built for Android 14
-Increased minimum Android version to SDK 19

6.0.9 (2022.03.08)

-Fixed tilt angle calibration not going to 0
-Don’t temporarily increase timeout by proximity while kept on by motion or while being kept bright indefinitely
-Show toast messages when timeout temporarily increased or reset
-Allow searching through apps while installed apps list still loading
-Show name of app or number of apps instead of “these apps”
-Show more installed apps
-Fixed a rare crash on Huawei devices
-Fixed some rare crashes
-Added Hungarian translation (thanks Stefi!)
-Added Indonesian translation (thanks jquarks!)
-Added Polish translation (thanks TheGame!)
-Updated translations

6.0.8 (2021.07.21)

-Reverted to preferring the rotation sensor because of issues with the gravity sensor on the Pixel 2 and some Samsung devices
-Fixed turning on by angle even when manually turned off on devices without a gyroscope
-Show more system apps
-Reduced landscape detection from 30deg to 20deg
-Flash proximity status green when waving to keep screen on
-Temporarily extend timeout by proximity even if kept on by something else
-Fixed rare crash when trying to rate app if don’t have Google Play installed
-Prevent crash on some Samsung devices
-Fixed rare crash before user unlocked
-Reduced wave time from 1000ms to 500ms
-Do not reacquire on Samsung Android 9 and lower
-Updated to appcompat 1.3.0
-Updated to gson 2.8.6

6.0.7 (2021.03.26)

-Fixed timeout of 1s possibly keeping screen on forever on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Fixed flickering with timeouts of 1s on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Hide clear text button when search field empty

6.0.6 (2021.03.25)

-Fixed screen possibly turning off when screen allowed to dim on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Fixed accelerometer possibly not being unregistered when service destroyed
-Check previous 8 hours for foreground app instead of 4

6.0.5 (2021.03.24)

-Fixed flickering on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Fixed timeout of 1s possibly keeping screen on forever on Samsung Android 10+ devices

6.0.4 (2021.03.19)

-Use gravity sensor instead of rotation sensor for better efficiency and compatibility
-Detect negative angle on devices without a gyroscope
-Improved app detection algorithm accuracy and efficiency
-Fixed not detecting app when opening another activity of the same name
-Dim screen as soon as beginning to turn off due to proximity or angle, instead of brightening screen first
-Don’t brighten screen if already dimmed when coming out of a keep on condition
-Fixed incorrect angle if swinging during sensor registration [check against accelerometer and re-register]
-Better detect tilting up right after screen off
-Allow any keep-on trigger to reset max time during dim time, not just motion
-Fixed not resetting max time when new motion detected without allow dimming on
-Fixed keep on by motion whether or not selected, when using accelerometer for angle
-Fixed acquiring an unnecessary wakelock on Samsung Android 10+
-Fixed not being able to keep the screen on indefinitely on Samsung Android 10+ lock screen
-Possibly fixed freezing angle on Samsung Android 11
-Fixed QuickSettings toggle not being updated after screen off until second swipe down
-Fixed angle sensor unregistering when unchecking keep on by motion or its exception when turn off by angle still checked
-Fixed enabling turn off by angle not registering angle sensor, when using accelerometer for angle
-Calculate tilt angle the same way irrespective of on-screen orientation (except reverse portrait)
-Require tilting back down to 15deg before turn on by angle works again
-Animate toggling of statuses
-Hide keyboard when checking apps
-Show detected angle/proximity even if only using turn on by angle/proximity
-Briefly show full star in notification icon when brightening screen
-Reorder list after clearing search so checked apps show up at the top
-Added button to clear search
-Fixed not restoring regular timeout when no longer timing out due to proximity and not kept on by anything else 
-Don’t acquireWakelocks for keepOnByProximity when going into or out of proximity unless there was a wave
-Reset wave-over extension when setting a new timeout
-Set exact alarm for turnOnByAngle max time exception
-Added French, Japanese translations
-Link donate button straight to PayPal instead of showing DonateDialog
-Added KinScreen item name to PayPal donation link
-Updated to newest BetterLinkMovementMethod and modified the touch area
-Changed to BetterLinkMovementMethod for About dialog links
-Fixed email formatting

6.0.3 (2020.12.19)

-Allow angles higher than 0 for tilt under to turn off
-Added Arabic translation (Thanks Soontaek!)
-Added German translation (Thanks Daniel, pepeq, Oswald, Stefan!)
-Added Lithuanian translation (Thanks Andrius!)
-Removed incomplete French translation
-Updated other translations
-Updated to billing library 3.0.2
-Updated BillingManager (2020.12.11) to notify billing listener when there’s an error in querySkuDetailsAsync or consumeAsync
-Moved initialization of BillingManager to onStart and destroying to onStop to prevent multiple activities that are still in memory getting callbacks

6.0.2 (2020.11.10)

-Fixed rare crash when starting service before unlocking device without modify system settings permission
-Added Portuguese translation (Thanks Adalberto and Ronan!)
-Added Italian translation (Thanks Giorgio and Rafa!)

6.0.1 (2020.11.02)

-Fixed actively turn screen off not using correct timeout
-Allow 0s timeouts
-Don’t show short timeout warning if using actively turn screen off option
-Updated Spanish, Catalan translations. Thanks Rafa!

6.0.0 (2020.11.01)

-Added turn-on-by-tilt-angle function

-Added tilt angle exception for turn-on-by-proximity

-Added turn-off-by-tilt-angle function

-Added option to actively turn screen off as opposed to just timing out (Android 9+). Accessibility method does not interfere with fingerprint unlocking.

-Added while in-call exception for turn-off-by-proximity

-Fixed notification status icon on lock screen

-Fixed notification possibly disappearing when toggling manual toggle

-Fixed notification icon not changing back to hand from moon when there’s no active keep-on in between covering proximity and uncovering it

-Increased number of free apps that keep the screen on to 5

-Show notification on lock screen again

-Start on boot before unlocking

-Added warning dialog for turn-on by proximity functions

-Built for Android 11

-Fixed not turning off by proximity when function enabled while in proximity

-Fixed long sensor status word getting cut off instead of expanding the recyclerview row

-Fixed turningOffByProximity not being updated properly while toggling proximity exceptions

-Changed notification title to include whether manual toggle is on or off, and do so for older Android versions as well

-Made max time limits actually stop turning screen on regardless of charging status so it doesn’t seem broken

-Updated all show dialog methods to check if already showing

-Changed to SwitchCompat

-Switched to Crowdin translations

-Auto show purchase dialog every day instead of every 3 days

-Updated to AppCompat 1.2.0

-Increased minSDK to 18

-Changed “if tilted up less than / more than” to “if tilted under / over -30deg”

-Show choose apps dialog if list is empty when enabling

-Show all active keep-on functions as green instead of sometimes yellow if another function was already keeping it on since they all have the same importance. Yellow didn’t make sense as “would keep on if something else wasn’t already keeping it on” when it was being shown for detected motion out of angle range.

-Fixed notification badge shown on launcher icon (channel must be re-created)

-Updated Google Play icon to new icon specifications with straight corners

***-Changed Upgrade dialog to use drawables instead of unicode so it doesn’t look different on diff devices***

***-Added no thanks button to Upgrade/Donate dialogs (need to show a clear way out of a payment dialog)***

***-Made button in DonateDialog link to PayPal donation instead of IAP (donations are listed as not supported by IAP here: )***

***-Capitalized button text for payment options / donate button***

***-Changed email to send to (“forward” email account on netfirm’s email settings)***

***-Fixed Utils.startEmailIntent line breaks not working by switching from \n to <br>]***

***-Updated to billing library 3.0.1*** Fixes a bug with app being killed during purchase flow

***-Updated BillingManager 2020.07.02***

***-Updated BillingConstants, IabService and activities to use arrays of skus rather than checking each one***

***-Changed app detection method to hopefully prevent apps getting stuck as detected***

***-Consolidated method to detect foreground package names depending on Android version into Utils***

***-Updated app detection method with hashMap***

***-Save last time upgrade dialog shown and use that for auto showing time***

***Moved upgrade dialog auto show to onSkuDetailsResponse so that listSkuDetails is ready in SA***

***-Link to rate dialog from menu so they get the messaging first. Updated messaging***

***-Capitalized all titles***

-Changed to keep on while “on a” call

***-Added links to changelog and translators into about dialog and onto website***

***-Increased dialog margins***

***-Set all dialog titles to gravity center so that if it goes to 2 lines the text is still centered***

***-Start in “direct boot mode” before first unlock by adding tag to manifest and moving shared prefs, and adding intent filter for StartReceiver***

***-Updated ObscuredSharedPrefs (2020.06.12) to move shared prefs to device encrypted storage so app can start before unlocking in direct boot mode and PreferencesProvider (2020.06.12) for change in OSP constructor***

***-Try showNotification in onStartCommand instead of onCreate to fix RemoteServiceException crash on N+***

5.5.8 (2020.07.01)

-Fixed not keeping the screen on when dim

5.5.7 (2020.06.30)

-Fixed keeping screen on while on lock screen for Samsung Android 10 devices
-Added Chinese translation (Thanks Yan!)
-Show apps without launch intents (without launcher icons) and without blank icon in app lists even if not a system app. Needed for add-on packs like Captcha Pack for Sleep as Android
-Keep app icons blank for uninstalled apps when scrolling

5.5.6 (2020.03.08)

-Fixed keep on while in-call for Samsung Android 10 devices
-Updated Russian translation

5.5.5 (2020.03.02)

-Improved solution for Samsung Android 10 devices to prevent quick dimming when keeping the screen on indefinitely
-Disabled lock screen functions for Samsung Android 10 devices (does not work)
-Simplified in-app menu by removing “more” separator
-Removed device admin (didn’t actually work to keep app alive)
-Change system timeout to be really long for long standing bright wakelocks on Samsung devices to prevent the dimming after touching, at least in that scenario

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