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Lock Me Out


6.0.9 (2020.09.24)

-Fixed crash on Android 11 before device unlocked for the first time

6.0.8 (2020.09.21)

-Fixed rare bug causing very high usage after system time changes
-Fixed long lockout title overlapping lockout icons
-Update time last auto locked for usage rules after time change so that changing time doesn’t start another lockout 
-Update pending app lists after time change
-Reset reset alarm after time change
-Made default lockout mode for new lockouts blocked apps mode
-Made default usage rule for new lockouts time spent in apps
-Restored compileSdkVersion to 30 (Android 11)

6.0.7 (2020.09.09)

-Fixed a bug where duration based lockouts were rescheduled into the future after reboot instead of continuing

6.0.6 (2020.09.02)

-Added Arabic translation (Thanks Ammar!)
-Added support for RTL layouts
-Updated website blocking for Firefox
-Fixed missing apps in app lists on Android 11: added QUERY_ALL_APPS permission
-Increased margins on About dialog to match other dialogs
-Fixed not unregistering receiver in DetectionAccessibilityService on Android < N
-Updated translations

6.0.5 (2020.08.26)

-Fixed loading selection not working on first try
-Fixed permission required dialog for accessibility when it's already on
-Don’t ask for accessibility permission when opening choose urls dialog without checkbox checked
-Don’t ask for entry password when rotating
-Don’t show close button on locked out screen if unable to detect apps
-Don’t show change not allowed messaging when disabling blocking websites after pressing cancel on accessibility required dialog
-Moved add lockout buttons to top of lists
-Added Romanian translation (Thanks LMG!)
-Built for Android 11

6.0.4 (2020.08.22)

-Animate appearance / disappearance of lockouts on locked out screen
-Added close button to locked out screen unless lock screen only lockout
-Fixed possibly corrupted usage statistics from 6.0.3 update
-Fixed crashes due to index out of bounds in updatePendingListsForLockoutsAndUsageRulesOrSetAlarmsTo
-Updated French translation

6.0.3 (2020.08.19)

-Added French translation (thanks ppp!)
-Fixed apps getting stuck as detected on some devices after split screen
-Prevent pop-out windows showing over LMO on Samsung devices
-Fixed app being killed while getting permissions when hide from recent apps selected
-Navigate home when blocking so background video/audio stops
-Animate appearance / disappearance of locked out screen
-Animated time range if enforcement active, and lock icons if lockout is active
-Fixed tamper protection showing when “time zone” detected outside of settings
-Faded out colors for icons/text for disabled lockouts
-Fixed showing locked out screen when adding or starting lockout, or when emergency allowance ends, or when unlocking screen while in LMO with lock screen only lockout
-Restart Settings if blocked on all Android versions instead of just 8+
-Removed extend button
-Red snackbar background to make them more obvious
-Fixed dragging lockout dropping from drag when lockouts updated by service
-Record full amount of time for each open app when showing multiple apps or else could use it to double usage in split screen
-Show clock time on active lockout card in addition to time remaining
-Colored ockout cards on locked out screen red
-Re-inflate and initialize views every time overlay shown to apply any font changes
-Fixed start receiver not setting alarms on LOCKED_BOOT_COMPLETED
-Added confirmation dialog to uninstall menu item
-Used same resource in nav drawer for icon as in locked out screen as it could have been shaped differently on different devices!
-Register service for TimeZoneChanged and TimeChanged broadcasts as they happen instantaneously that way and could be quite delayed on some devices otherwise
-Update time references and lockout times when time manually changed so it doesn’t mess up statistics and lockout durations
-Increase size of day picker toggle buttons with text size by making the ToggleButton’s layout’s size sp (not changing the size in the shape drawable)
-Updated to appcompat 1.2.0
-Added links to changelog and translators into about dialog and onto website

6.0.2 (2020.07.23)

-Improved website blocking
-Added Spanish translation (Thanks Nicolás!)
-Fixed not being able to toggle emergency allowance button back on without restarting
-Fixed uninstall protection on Huawei phones
-Fixed apps possibly getting stuck as detected
-Fixed interrupted but successful paid exit not ending lockout
-Fixed using back button closing app when hide from recents is selected
-Don’t reset averages automatically
-Layout tweaks
-Fixed large margin on DND switch
-Fixed finishing payment not closing payment activity if still have active lockouts
-Added Firefox beta, Firefox Focus, Spin browsers, Samsung beta browser
-Don’t navigate home when going back from locked out screen after blocking website
-Detect whole words for settings protection
-Fixed being able to select more than 10 free apps by searching
-Improved tamper protection by also going back (faster for slow phones)
-Added Spanish store description
-Set all dialog titles to gravity center so that if it goes to 2 lines the text is still centered
-Updated BillingManager 2020.07.02
-Updated app detection method with hashMap

6.0.1 (2020.06.23)

-Fixed crash when choosing excluded apps for the first time
-Fixed being able to go home during lockscreen only lockout
-Fixed emergency access number of seconds not showing seconds once past a minute
-Hide from recent apps even when not in lockout [ask for tamper protection password if want to change it]
-Fixed not hiding from recent apps when using back button
-Fixed asking for tamper password letting you into settings without entry password
-Added Samsung browser
-Added Russian, Czech and Turkish translations
[-Added singular “location”]
[-Made admin receiver show message when trying to disable]
***[-Updated to billing library 3.0.0]***

6.0.0 (2020.06.15)

-Start lockout while scheduling even if current, instead of tomorrow

-Allow changes during lockouts if more strict

-Fixed blocking apps in “pop-up" windows and split screen on Samsung devices

-Redesigned Locked Out screen

-Added button to extend active lockout 10m

-Only block URLs found in the browser’s URL bar, not anywhere on the page

-Start immediately after boot before first unlock

-Prevent changes to excluded apps

-Many other fixes and improvements

[-Don’t block if blocking, except if it doesn’t contain . ,and so acting more like a keyword within urls]

[-Fixed being able to clear a list during lockout if not using a named list]

[-Show lockout name for usage-based lockout notifications]

[-Don’t apply change instead of disabling lockout when answering no to warning dialog]

[-Fixed changing saved list not updating the same lockout’s other lists]

[-Pay to end individual lockouts]

[-Fixed being able to change an app list for another lockout using the same list during prevent changes time]

[-Fixed incorrect percentage in pop-up after first unlock]

[-Fine tuned all layout margins]

[-Fixed showing 247 usage rules warning from OptionsActivity even if the usage rule wasn’t enabled]

[-Make sure usage window is longer than screen usage limit by increasing it to the limit +1 min]

[-Allow changes to usage monitoring and preventChangesDuringUsageEnforcement if usage lockouts not enabled]

[-Reordered usage rules in ELA]

[-Allow changes to switchLockRegularly and switchUsageLockouts if originally unchecked]

[-Removed android:gravity=”fill” from RadioButtons with a drawable (lockout mode) so that if it goes to 2 lines the drawable is still centered with the radio button circle. We use fill to have the first line stay in line with the checkbox/radio button but the drawable for the radio button doesn’t seem to follow suit]

[-Stop showing price on end early button]

[-Hide keyboard when picking an app (after searching)]

[-Made toggle buttons’ week letters gray when lockout disabled in miniLockout card]

[-Set LOA as a singleTask so that tapping on notification still brings up LOA instead of main app if app left in memory when originally opened through LOA as root]

[-added Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP when launching activities from LOA or notifications so that it removes other activities that might have been on top when the task with the requested activity is brought forward]

***[-Capitalized all titles]***

[-Go back when blocked website found so you can actually return to the browser and go to a different website]

[-Fixed not getting locked out of website if lockout starts or emergency access ends while on blocked website without touching]

[-Fixed not getting locked out of website if scrolled down past address bar during emergency access]

[-Fixed deleting blocked websites from list messing up]

[-Fixed changing a named list affecting already enabled one-time lockouts]

[-Shortened time pop-up with usage is shown]

[-Fixed overactive accessibility service]

[-Set LOA to not support split screen]

[-Tweaked layout margins/padding for all dialogs to line up with buttons]

[-Go back to clearing saved list name when using the deselect button]

[-Increased max emergency access time to 300s and num unlocks, app launches to 300]

[-Changed wording for option to show emergency access to signify the second number is a wait time]

[-Prevent checking show pause button if changes are denied to usage rules]

[-Expand One-time lockout mode & options at the same time to clean up UI]

[-Show black overlay on older Android versions as well to protect against “app pinning”]

[-Only go to home screen when pressing back from LOA so that emergency and early exit bring you back to blocked app]

[-Fixed check for max number of enabled lockouts to take into account if scheduled lockouts and usage lockouts are enabled overall. Also check the number when switching scheduled lockouts/usage lockouts on and when entering ELA and disable them then]

[-Don’t reset last time auto locked if changes denied to usage rule when removing excluded apps]

[-Sort lists alphabetically in spinners]

[-Fixed changing a list from SA not updating lists for usage rules]

[-Show number of blocked/allowed/monitored apps / websites / locations]

[-Delete named list by saving the selection without the name instead of saving as empty list with name]

[-Fixed uninstalled apps not showing in saved lists]

[-Clear listsToChangeTo whenever making an allowed change]

[-Made title of ELA “Edit Lockout”]

[-Added master password for forgotten passwords]

[-Don’t show one-time lockout locking mode icon if no blocked apps]

[-Removed ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission from manifest since we don’t need it with foregroundServiceType=”location”]

[-Added action buttons back to side menu as well (we already had go premium)]

[-Added a sixth payment level of $99.99 and re-organized choices into 2 columns of 3]

[-Show what’s being blocked / allowed in usage summary/usage reminder/locked out notifications]

[-Show what it’s blocking/allowing in usage rule summary]

[-Added Chrome Beta to blocked browsers]

[-Stop locking out to the lock screen if keep trying]

[-Changed to locked out screen being shown through overlay instead of activity]

[-New icon for location markers]

[-Added white stroke for unselected locations]

[-Fixed z-order: selected marker and circle now on top]

[-Set stroke width according to screen density]

[-Better protect against removing essential permissions during lockout (since we can’t reliably detect usage access and draw over other apps screens with accessibility service)]

[-Show toast message and take them to re-enable when overlay permission missing]

[-Show locked out screen when trying to disable Device Admin or Accessibility Service when caught by Accessibility Service during lockouts]

[-Removed internet permission]

[-Prevent access to LMO’s running services page through accessibility]

[-Prevent changing time through accessibility]

[-Prevent autoBackup by setting android:allowBackup=”false” so that reinstalling doesn’t restore their data. Makes it more annoying to uninstall and may prevent other crashes from updating from really old versions?]

[-Added “” media storage app to global whitelist. Needed to pick ringtones on some devices?]

[-Put AccessibilityService in its own process so that activities/IAB can be cleared from memory]

[-Added detection of usage access, display over other apps (overlay) permissions, and app info page]

[-Gave each usage lockout its own notification ids for reminder and locked out]

[-Dismiss usage reminder notifications once their lockout starts or when the usage goes back under]

[-Dismiss usage locked out notifications once their lockout is over]

***[-Changed Upgrade dialog to use drawables instead of unicode so it doesn’t look different on diff devices]***

***[-Show apps without launch intents (without launcher icons) and without blank icon in app lists even if not a system app. Needed for add-on packs like Captcha Pack for Sleep as Android]***

***[-Keep app icons blank for uninstalled apps when scrolling]***

***[-Updated billing library to 2.2.0]***

***[-Fixed Utils.startEmailIntent line breaks not working by switching from \n to <br>]***

***[-Changed app detection method to hopefully prevent apps getting stuck as detected (happened to Teri and Jyotister)]***

***[-Added no thanks button to Upgrade/Donate dialogs (need to show a clear way out of a payment dialog)]***

***[-Capitalized button text for payment options / donate button]***

***[-Link to rate dialog from menu so they get the messaging first. Updated messaging]***

***[-Save last time upgrade dialog shown and use that for auto showing time]***

***[Moved upgrade dialog auto show to onSkuDetailsResponse so that listSkuDetails is ready in SA]***

***[-Changed email to send to (“forward” email account on netfirm’s email settings)]***

***[-Made button in DonateDialog link to PayPal donation instead of IAP (donations are listed as not supported by IAP here: )]***

***[-Consolidated method to detect foreground package names depending on Android version into Utils]***

***[-Start in “direct boot mode” before first unlock by adding tag to manifest and moving shared prefs, and adding intent filter for StartReceiver]***

***[-Updated ObscuredSharedPrefs to move shared prefs to device encrypted storage so app can start before unlocking in direct boot mode and PreferencesProvider for change in OSP constructor]***

***[-Updated BillingConstants, IabService and activities to use arrays of skus rather than checking each one]***

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